PyGTS is a python package used to construct, manipulate, and perform computations on 3D triangulated surfaces. It is a hand-crafted and pythonic binding for the GNU Triangulated Surface (GTS) Library.


  1. Features
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1. Features

Here are some of the main features:

The PyGTS binding has complete support for the objects and methods of GTS's Geometrical Object Hierarchy. Some of the more advanced GTS features (certain Surface Operations, Progressive and Hierarchical Surfaces, and Graphs and Operations on Graphs) are not yet supported.

PyGTS is extensively unit tested, and so should work well out-of-the-box. GTS itself has been stable for a number of years. The "alpha" release status of PyGTS reflects the fact that this is a relatively new package with a developing API.

2. Resources

3. Help Wanted

Contributions are welcome. Help is needed with:

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4. Wish List

Here are some objectives for future development:

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